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Indoor Sports

Adapting Tarkett Sports’ offer to meet everyone’s needs

We’ve spent years understanding and improving sports surfaces to meet the priorities of sportsmen and women in their different playing environments. Working with international sports bodies, we have focused on the technical characteristics that deliver the ultimate surface experience – from shock absorption that reduces impact stresses to surface friction that improves the foot to floor grip of players and ball rebound for consistent playability. This expertise enables Tarkett Sports to manufacture and provide sports surfaces that target the specific design and performance requirements of different profiles of users across a range of physical activities. Tarkett Sports is the only solution provider to offer a truly segmented approach for the specificities of all indoor sports activities.

Our expertise in education and sports flooring enables us to offer a range of solutions designed to meet the performance and budget requirements of customers. All are designed for the security and comfort of users and to offer a longlasting and cost-effective answer to different school/project needs.


Tarkett Sports has worked with national and international sports bodies to develop dedicated surfaces that support the intensive impact of foot to floor on players’ joints and give excellent playability for indoor sports. We provide a range of patented technical solutions designed to meet the
performance criteria of competition level sports.


Many public and private facilities need to provide users with a range of different interior spaces – from fitness suites, weights rooms to multi-use gymnasia that can be quickly transformed to other leisure events such as concerts or major events. Tarkett Sports offers a range of solutions - from dedicated sports surfaces to multi-use floorings - designed to enhance the varying activities of different users and simplify the management and maintenance of leisure facilities.