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Nutsbasisschool De Hoogakker

The Netherlands, Breda


  • Education
Building owner
Installer / contractor
Interhome Projectstoffering
Interior designer
Frans-Joseph de Graaf - Director Nutsbasisschool De Hoogakker
Tarkett flooring surface installed (m2)
600 m2

Primary school De Hoogakker wanted to replace the carpet flooring in Breda ten years ago. They choose for Vinyl of Tarkett. After ten years of use is school director Frans Joseph de Graaf as enthusiastic as he was at the time: "I'm still 100 percent satisfied of the choice I made ten years ago.”

“Back in 2006 one of our seven locations needed to replace the floorings. It had several drawbacks. So it requires a lot of maintenance and it was easily soiled. After he had seen the application of vinyl in a different school, De Graaf decided to switch to the vinyl flooring from Tarkett. "What attracted me at that moment was the easy maintenance. You actually save plenty of water and liquid detergent.

As director of seven school buildings, De Graaf must frequently make product choices. "Some choices are a bit disappointed after a few years. That surely isn’t true for vinyl. Every time I walk on a vinyl flooring in one of the five buildings, I am still as enthusiastic as in the beginning. I'm still 100 percent satisfied of the choice I made ten years ago.”

-Tekst: Peter Bekkering-