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iQ Granit SD is a homogeneous, resilient, permanently static dissipative control flooring. It is manufactured using the latest technology and with iQ PUR for excellent wear resistance and cleaning characteristics. This provides stable and reliable conductivity as well as an aesthetically pleasing product. iQ Granit SD is classified as a DIF View more product, Dissipative Floor, according to IEC 61340-4-1. The pattern is non-directional. Sheets are installed using ordinary flooring adhesive. Tiles must always be installed using a conductive adhesive. The advanced conductive properties are achieved by carbon-black particles running straight through the product, and a pure carbon backing. Rolls are installed with standard flooring adhesive. iQ Toro SC has the powerful advantages of our iQ floorings during its lifetime. iQ Toro SC has a non-directional design available in fourteen colours. The Toro SC range has been designed in order to coordinate with certain colour references in selected iQ ranges. The 14 references have been colour matched with references in the iQ Optima, iQ Granit and iQ natural ranges.. Areas of application for iQ Toro SC include the electronics and petrochemical industries, operating theatres, computer rooms, clean rooms and similar areas. View less

  • iQ PUR for durable and easy to maintain floors
  • Best life cycle costs on the market
  • VOC below quantifiable level and phthalate free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Colour coordination with other, selected iQ ranges


  • light grey
  • grey
  • dark grey
  • black
  • beige
  • yellow beige
  • light blue
  • white
  • lightyellow
  • brownyellow
  • light brown
  • brown
  • green
  • grey
Light fastness (EN ISO 105-B02) - Level ≥ 6
Reaction to fire Bfl-s1
Electrical behaviour - vertical resistance (EN 1081) - Ohms R1 5x10⁴ ≤ R ≤ 10 / R2 5x10 ≤ R ≤ 10
Electrical resistance R ≤ 10
Electrical insulation (VDE 100, Part 600) - Ohms R1 ≤ 5 ≤ 10
Electrical behaviour - body voltage (EN 1815) - kV < 2
Thermal resistance (EN 12667) - m² K/W Approx. 0.01
Thermal conductivity Approx. 0.01
Clean room test A
Bacteria resistance (EN ISO 846 Part C) Does not favour growth
Total thickness (EN 428) 2 mm
Wear layer thickness (EN 429) 2 mm
Total weight (EN 430) 2.95
Unit KG/M²
Abrasion group - volume loss (EN 660 – 2) - Group P
Abrasion group - volume loss (EN 660 – 2) - mm3 ≤ 4
Residual indentation (EN 433) - mm Approx. 0.03
Description (EN 649) Permanently static conductive pressed homogeneous vinyl flooring
Classification - commercial (EN 685) - Class 34
Classification - industrial (EN 685) - Class 43
U - Upec classification U4
P - Upec classification P3
E - Upec classification E2/3
C - Upec classification C2
NF UPEC certificate number 312-016.1
Impact sound reduction (EN ISO 717-2) - Lw - dB Approx. 4
Production plant address Tarkett AB S-372 81 Ronneby Sweden

TARKETT’S BALANCED CHOICE The iQ range is part of Tarkett’s choice of sustainable solutions. It is an integrated system that allows for balancing all the competing needs, while making choices that are truly sustainable and work together aesthetically.

Better Raw Materials Tarkett’s iQ products are based on up to 59 % natural raw materials such as salt and mineral fillers. We use local suppliers as much as we can, to reduce the environmental impact from transportation.

Resource Stewardship Tarkett’s iQ range is produced in Ronneby, Sweden. The factory has an environmental management system (ISO 14001) and has continuously reduced its environmental impact since 2003: 54% reduction of total amount of waste produced in the factory 60% reduction of VOC emissions. The factory manages water consumption via a closed loop and 53% of the energy used comes from renewable sources (hydro power, wind power, bio fuels) As for all Tarkett sites, the Ronneby site is assessed from an environmental point of view by an external auditor every two years. No risks were identified in the Ronneby site during 2009.

People-friendly Spaces Tarkett’s iQ range delivers valuable health, hygiene and welfare benefits: No need for polish or wax, for ever, due to the unique Surface Restoration properties. This reduces the strain on cleaning staff and minimises the need for water, detergent and energy for cleaning and maintenance. Low-cost cleaning and maintenance with savings in excess of 30 % give the market’s best Life Cycle Cost and a measurable enhanced ROI. Very low VOC emissions contributing to good indoor air quality: For the iQ range an average <20 μg/m3 at 28 days – 50 times below the European Standard (1000 μg/m3).

Reuse and Recycle Tarkett was one of the first flooring companies to recycle post-production waste and remains the industry leader. During 2008, 411 tons of flooring material was collected through out Europe and recycled at the Ronneby site. The IQ range produced at Ronneby on average contains: 25,5% combined post-production/post-installation waste The use of post production material has increased by 26% since 2003. ISO 14001 certificate n°2000-SKM-AQ-886 ISO 9001 certificate n°2000-SKM-AE-255

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