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Sports hall

illustration tarkett education sports hall

Sports surfaces (EN 14904) with shock absorption suited to user profile
Adapted solutions for multi-use activities (eg indentation, abrasion, resistance)
Indoor air quality
Simple cleaning


Indoor Sports

Combinated sports flooring systems with vinyl or linoleum top layer for multisports and multi-use facilities


Indoor Sports

Multi-layer wood sports surfaces for school use up to professional level


Indoor Sports

Multi-purpose vinyl sports surfaces for school sports halls as well as leisure centres. Available in six thicknesses to satisfy varying degrees of performance and resistance requirements adapted to all levels of sports and to different users profiles.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Tarkett’s new modular vinyl tiles collection allows for mixing and matching colours and shapes to design your own custom-made flooring. Modular flooring designs help create a differentiated customer experience as well as a strong brand identity.