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illustration tarkett indoor sports corridors

Traffic resistance (class 34)
Easy and low cost maintenance
Scratch and shock resistance for walls
Indoor air quality

Acoustic xf²

Linoleum xf²

Sound reduction up to 18 dB available for all Veneto, Style and Etrusco colour designs with xf² surface protection for a smoother matt appearance and improved performance.

Compact xf²

Linoleum xf²

Wide and attractive range of colours and patterns available in different thicknesses offering xf² surface protection for extreme toughness and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Tapiflex Excellence

Acoustic Heterogeneous Vinyl - Heavy Traffic

The new inspirational collection to create stimulating environments in very heavy traffic areas.

Acczent Excellence

Compact Heterogeneous Vinyl

A wealth of colour and tone inspired by nature and contemporary design combined with excellent resistance to indentation, abrasion and tearing.