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iD Mixonomi
Discover « The art of mixing »

iD Mixonomi is Tarkett's new Modular Vinyl Tiles collection that offers a large range of customization possibilities thanks to its fully combinable 33 colours and 7 graphic shapes

Tarkett’s new modular Vinyl tiles collection iD Mixonomi allows for mixing and matching different colours and shapes to design your own custom-made flooring and achieve the desired interior design effect. Custom-made modular flooring designs help create a differentiated customer experience as well as a strong brand identity. To trigger strong and contrasted emotions, this new collection was inspired by travel and the multiple emotions, colours and experiences associated with discovering our planet.

The tiles are available in 7 graphic shapes, inspired by the iconic hexagon, that can be fully combined together to create unique patterns, from mono shape flooring layouts to more elaborate compositions using the 33 colours of the palette, from neutrals to pastels and saturated tones.

The iD Mixonomi online configurator is a dedicated and free web-based tool that provides support in the process of creating your own flooring. The collection was honored with the international 2017 Red Dot Award: Product Design.

Inspired by travel

iD Mixonomi is inspired by the world around us and the places that trigger our imagination and senses. Moscow's colourful Red Square inspired the Bold Primaries colour palette

Inspiration comes from the world around us. For iD Mixonomi we were inspired by the world out there, the shapes, colours and rhythm that make our globe such a great place to live. To create this new collection, our design teams captured the souls of places all around the globe to inspire their work. The sources of inspiration to create iD Mixonomi’s unique palette of colours were places that trigger our imagination and senses, like cosy Stockholm hotels, Indian tea markets, chic Savile Row tailor shops or Moscow’s colourful Red Square.
Every Monday for the coming 5 weeks, we will share a new source of inspiration with you on our Social Media channels. Follow us and discover the places that inspired us… made out of iD Mixonomi tiles!

Mix Colours and Shapes

33 colours, 7 shapes, 5 colour palettes. The options are quite infinite and can fit every space. The shapes inspired by the trendy hexagon can all be combined to imagine simple or more sophisticated patterns to fit every atmosphere. Tarkett collaborated with Peclers, a renowned Parisian Design Agency, to create the 33 hues and 5 colour palettes of the collection:

Deep Darks for elegant and luxurious spaces;
Cosy Neutrals for comfortable and cosy interiors;
Spicy Warms for chic and exotic atmospheres;
Tender Pastels for a gourmet, fresh and charming look;
Bold Primaries for playful and daring interiors.

With Tarkett's iD Mixonomi modular vinyl tiles collection, mix colours and shapes to create outstanding flooring patterns

Customization made easy

iD Mixonomi’s configurator is a free and web-based tool to combine the shapes and colours of the collection and create your own custom-made patterned vinyl flooring. After creating your pattern, you can visualize it in the room of your choice, download the image or the CAD file and download the recipe to place an order for the product.

iD Mixonomi's online configurator enables you to create your own custom-made patterned vinyl flooring by mixing the 33 colours and 7 shapes of the new modular vinyl tiles collection

Honored with the 2017 Red Dot Award:
Product design

i D Mixonomi was awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design in April 2017

The Red Dot Award is one of the most highly respected awards in the design industry as well as a strong quality mark for good design and innovation. The iD Mixonomi modular Luxury Vinyl flooring collection won a Red Dot award for Product Design in 2017 due to its innovative design approach and the creative possibilities the product offers.

The independent and international Red Dot Award jury of experts stated that “variety, expressiveness and creativity are the hallmark of the modular vinyl floor tiles of the iD Mixonomi range. They give rooms a unique atmosphere thanks to their sophisticated style.