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iQ, New for Life™

Tarkett iQ homogeneous flooring can turn back time. It will look the same, even after 25 years, thanks to its next-generation surface treatment and unique dry-buffing restoration technology. Together, they protect the colours, patterns and technical capabilities of all our iQ collections – keeping them new for life.

For Lifelong Performance

Tarkett, floor, iq, patient room

■ The new iQ PUR surface treatment offers best-in-class resistance against chemicals and stains (watch video).
■ Genuine homogenous flooring with a 2.0 mm wear layer.
Unique dry-buffing surface-restoration technology (watch video).

For Lifelong

Tarkett, floor, iq, lounge

Faster and easier installation with our fully flexible flooring, providing a perfect coving and a watertight finish from wall to floor.
■ Unique surface restoration producing significant economies: save 30% in cleaning and maintenance with no wax, no polish ever and see payback within 3 years.
■ The lowest life-cycle costs on the market

For Lifelong

Tarkett, floor, iq, office

■ A large selection of 11 patterns and 257 colours.
■ A comprehensive range means complete co-ordinated designs that flow seamlessly between ambiences and functions.
■ A multi-format approach compatible with acoustic, slip-resistant and static-control environments.

For a Sustainable Future

Tarkett, floor, iq, nursery

■ Contribute positively to the environment and people’s well-being thanks to our Cradle to Cradle® approach.
■ Benefit from our phthalate-free, 100% recyclable flooring, with very low VOC emissions.