Tarkett’s iQ Megalit is popular for its translucent mineral-inspired designs and extreme durability. The collection’s 24 brand new colours bring even more depth and translucence thanks to a sophisticated and enhanced 3D effect. What’s more, iQ Megalit now comes with a next-generation surface treatment that, combined with our unique dry-buffing surface restoration technology, will make your flooring look new for life and enable even more cost savings.


•  An elegant, translucent and deep design that creates special atmospheres
•  A flooring that is suitable for places where a memorable and unique ambiance is particularly important, such as restaurants, museums and stores.

The new Graphite and Pearl collections

•  6 new Graphite tones with strong and dynamic colours inspired by gemstones and minerals
•  An enhanced 3D effect for more translucence and light
•  18 new Pearl colours: 6 pastel and 12 neutral colours, perfect for quiet, relaxing or functional areas.

A next generation surface treatment

•  New next-generation surface treatment for best-in-class resistance against chemicals and stains, exclusively available on our iQ collections
•  Lowest life cycle costs on the market, allowing the reduction of water and chemical consumption