Based on Cradle to Cradle® Principles, Tarkett’s Closed-Loop Circular Design Strategy aims to develop solutions that contribute positively to people’s quality of life and to the planet at each step of the product life cycle: from eco-design to production, during the usage phase and at the end of use. Anne-Christine Ayed, EVP Research, Innovation and Environment at Tarkett, says “Sustainability is not a box we check, at Tarkett, we believe the future is good - healthy, safe, beautiful with enough for all (...) For all our customers, and with the Cradle to Cradle® principles in mind, we are designing our products for life - a life where good materials contribute to good health and where we are good stewards of resources that are continually re-used.”

Our Sustainability Strategy is based on four pillars: Good Materials, Resource Stewardship, People-Friendly Spaces and Reuse:


Tarkett's goal is to design recyclable products with healthy materials today that will become the raw materials of tomorrow.

This means selecting good materials that respect people’s health and the environment when designing products. Driven by eco-design, Tarkett selects healthy and safe ingredients and aims at using mineral abundant, rapidly renewable, recycled and recyclable materials.


Through its World Class Manufacturing program, Tarkett’s industrial sites reduce water consumption through closed-loop water circuits and greenhouse gas emissions by increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, thus contributing to address the issue of climate change.


As a pioneer in eco-innovation, Tarkett continues to develop flooring solutions that contribute to improved indoor air quality and indoor environment.


To close the loop fostering a circular economy approach, Tarkett strives to manage the end of use of products and aims at transforming waste into high quality resources reducing the use of virgin raw materials. Tarkett manufactures flooring using recycled materials from its own production sites, from post-installation and post-used flooring, and from other industries.