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Vinyl solutions

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  • iQ Toro SC is a high-quality static control flooring with an electrical resistance of 5 x 104–106 ohms. It is developed for use in operating theatres, x-ray rooms, electronics industries, laboratories, explosion risk areas, computer rooms, etc. The fourteen fresh colours, in a classic nondirectional design, offer great possibilities for creating stylish interior designs without having to...

  • iQ Granit SD is a homogeneous, resilient, permanently static dissipative control flooring. It is manufactured using the latest technology and with iQ PUR for excellent wear resistance and cleaning characteristics. This provides stable and reliable conductivity as well as an aesthetically pleasing product. iQ Granit SD is classified as a DIF product, Dissipative Floor, according to IEC 61340-4-...

  • Best in Class Functional Performance
    The Premium range allows you to plan your entire project within one collection, combining all required functions - Acoustic, SD and/or Safe.T - together with matching colours.