• Available in 12 neutral and blue colours
  • Standard with DESSO ProBase backing
  • Optional with 100% recyclable DESSO EcoBase backing
  • Optional with the SoundMaster acoustic backing
  • Cradle to Cradle® Bronze level certified

Inspired by nature, DESSO Stones carpet tiles mimic the smooth yet robust surface of natural stone. Just like its namesake, DESSO Stones is crafted with durability in mind and is ideal for busy office spaces.
The low loop structure, creates a smooth understated texture, paired with muted hues to inspire a sense of tranquillity in our otherwise hectic lives, paying homage to the everlasting natural element. A spectrum of 12 neutral and blue shades allow for the creation of a space reminiscent of serene seaside scenes – with the ocean tides softly caressing the cliffs, washed flat by the recurring flow of nature. DESSO Stones provides a calming, neutral backdrop suited to any environment, while still maintaining its distinct character.

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CE Marking EN 14041
Product type ISO Textile floor coverings (EN 1307)
Commercial classification (ISO 10874) 33 Heavy
Luxury rating LC2
Items per box 20
Manufacture type Tuft
Secondary backing B1 ProBase
Total thickness 6 mm
Effective pile thickness 2,60 mm
Total weight 4200 g/m²
Effective pile mass 440 g/m²
Pile density 0,17 g/m³
Number of Knots (no./m²) 1580
Installation method Loose-Lay
Declaration of Performance # 0493-CPR-0002-02
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Bfl-s1
Slip resistance (EN 13893) µ ≥ 0,30 (DS)
Thermal resistance (in m²•K/W) 0,06
Impact sound reduction (ISO 717-2) - ∆Lw 24 dB
Sound absorption - αw 0,15
Reaction to fire on fibrecement substrate (EN 13501-1) Bfl-s1
Castor chair effect (ISO 4918) Intensive use
Underfloor heating Suitable
Colour fastness to light (ISO 105-B02) ≥ 5
Colour fastness to water (ISO 105-E01) - Staining ≥ 2-3
Colour fastness to water (ISO 105-E01) - Colour change ≥ 3-4
Colour fastness to rubbing - Wet cloth (ISO 105-X12) ≥ 3
Colour fastness to rubbing - Dry cloth (ISO 105-X12) ≥ 3
Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze