Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require special flooring needs. Explore our healthcare flooring solutions designed with patients and care staff in mind.

Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Comfortable, clean and long-lasting floors contribute to better learning at all ages. Explore flooring solutions that are designed for educational facilities.

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12 collections

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

We know how important it is for a retail business to stand out. Explore floors that enhance the customer experience and contribute to a strong brand image.

Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Floors contribute to a memorable guest experience for leisure or business travelers. Explore floors that can provide a touch of world-class design and comfort.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

The right choice of flooring can transform a house into a home. Bring your interior design to life and explore our large selection of floor colors and textures.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

The definition of the modern workplace is changing. Explore our broad portfolio of flooring solutions that are adapted to new ways of working and collaborating.

Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Sporting events, wellness centres and gyms offer a healthy outlet for people of all ages. Explore floors that provide safety, comfort and athletic performance.

Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

In transport and industry, comfort, convenience and safety are paramount. Having the right flooring helps create an attractive, productive and clean environment.

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Inspiration & Services
Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall
Foodies visiting Jamie Oliver’s popular restaurant, Fifteen Cornwall, can enjoy more than the good food: they can admire the beautiful bespoke floor.
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Our Expertise
We are flooring experts. Read our expert articles about floors and everything you need to know about them.
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Sustainability Highlights
We are committed to making a positive impact on people and the planet. As we design, produce and market our flooring solutions, as we serve and support our customers, we strive to act in a responsible and innovative way. Here you will find more information on our approach to sustainability based on three pillars: Designing for Life, Closing the Loop and Driving Collaboration.
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About Tarkett
Tallinn Art Gymnasium
A competition at Tallinn Art Gymnasium with architects and installers. The challenge: create a unique design for the Art School's main corridor using Linoleum floor covering.

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    Desso&Ex - Desso & EX collection B967 7322-022

    The Desso&Ex collection is a cut pile broadloom carpet and made-to-measure carpet rugs collection. It is the result of a successful collaboration between Tarkett and international interior architects studio, Ex Interiors. The Desso&Ex collection offers 115 different designs in near endless combinations for a modern and layered scheme. It encourages playful flooring themes created to highlight - or contrast - key elements within the space with a neutral hue offset against a spectrum of patterns and brought to life in five different soft colour ways; Stone, Carmine, Amber, Leaf and Indigo.

    Key features
    Technical and environmental specifications
    Flooring Type: Carpet Roll
    Product type: Textile floor coverings (EN 1307)
    Commercial classification: 32 General
    Pile construction: Cut pile
    Secondary backing: T1 Textile SWB Synthetic
    Roll (1 ref.)
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    0 format

    Also available as custom rug

    Looking for an even more flexible solution? In addition to wall-to-wall carpeting this collection is now also available as a custom rug. Choose your preferred design, size and shape to create a rug that perfectly fits your design project.

    Technical and environmental specifications
    Understand the Desso&Ex