Luminous Carpets

  • Welcome visitors to your office with a personal message
  • Enhance your brand by providing the right information in an innovative way
  • Draw in crowds at tradeshows with eye-catching floor displays
  • Greet and guide hotel guests, making them feel welcome

Seamless integration of LED lighting in carpet creates experiences which are inspiring, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Luminous Carpets combine Philips Lighting LED technology with resilient but luxurious looking DESSO carpet. The result is a durable, stylish flooring solution that you can use to greet, impress and inform people in new and exciting ways. Luminous Carpets will welcome visitors, enhance a brand, draw in crowds at tradeshows, greet and guide hotel guests, and go hand in hand with the aesthetics of a building, with high-quality carpet material that looks good even when the lights are off.

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