Carpet Tiles
Key features
  • Available in 6 multi-coloured options
  • Fresh, floral fields provide the basis of inspiration for Flores
  • Adding a unique point of difference to office interior schemes
  • Standard with 100% recyclable DESSO EcoBase backing
  • Cradle to Cradle® Silver level certified
  • Optional with the SoundMaster (Lite) acoustic backing

When we talk about being in awe of nature, there is nothing quite like the mysterious world of plants and flowers to illustrate this sensation. The DESSO Flores carpet tile collection finds its origins in the varied fields of flowers and plentiful plant world. Six multi-coloured carpet tiles capture the rich diversity of the planet’s flora, combining muted tones and expressive brights to bring life and energy into your indoor space. The three-dimensional carpet tiles remind us of Impressionist paintings, transforming the joys of spring into a carefully crafted palette of vibrant colours. They say Mother Nature is the best designer and we can’t help but agree.

DESSO Human Fascination carpet tiles - Take the world inside!

Get inspired by nature and take the world inside! Discover our Arable, Flores, Granite and Breccia collections.

Technical and environmental specifications