Enhanced material and colour exploration for interior design

NCS Colour x Tarkett

Enhanced material and colour exploration for interior design

Interested in what ground-breaking design and technology looks like? Explore the fascinating world of colour with NCS Colour. Their notations allow you to accurately describe any colour on any surface, be it flooring, paint, or packaging. To help simplify the design journey from start to finish, Tarkett has partnered with NCS and now features on their  NCS+ digital platform.

Seamless Creative Journeys

After conducting a cartography of its professional collections, Tarkett teamed up with NCS Colour to make it easier to navigate products by colour and material. All our professional flooring and wall solutions were measured and visually assessed for the project. The intelligence of the NCS System enabled the categorisation of products and effectively made it possible to digitally represent both solid-coloured and multi-coloured surfaces accurately.

A deeper dive into Tarkett’s material and colour design universe

The Tarkett enriched NCS+ platform enables designers to search for specific colours, compare and harmonise materials within Tarkett’s collections, and create shareable mood boards. As a first for both NCS Colour and Tarkett, the tool will be invaluable for designing spaces and coordinating colours and materials.