Carpet design for hospitality inspired by basic shapes and primary shades

Carpet design inspiration for hospitality spaces

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At Tarkett, we understand the importance of design excellence. From luxury hotels to local restaurants and city bars - creating the perfect guest experience starts with the interior design. Each project tells its own unique story, setting the ambience from the moment you step inside.

Explore the latest trends below to seek inspiration for your next project. Curated by our dedicated team of in-house designers, see how they translate simple design cues into one-of-a-kind carpet patterns.

Basic Shapes

Let abstract modernity inspire your next design project through the use of simple, yet striking shapes - such as circles, squares, and triangles - combining them to create unique geometric patterns.  Allow one element to do the talking, or combine straight and curved edges in varying sizes for a cubism-influenced, multidimensional effect. Let your imagination take the reins and incorporate the use of daring primary shades into the mix to drastically alter the mood of any setting - allowing you to create something completely out of the ordinary. 

DESSO carpet design for hospitality spaces inspired by the simple, yet striking basic shapes


Add a touch of elegance to your design with elements derived from the baroque style - a classic, chic aesthetic that’s certain to bring an immediate high-end feeling to any space. Radiate timeless appeal with flooring influenced by iridescent pearls and oysters, whilst bringing rich, dramatic tones of bronze, gold and silver into the colour scheme to evoke a feeling of luxury and drama.

carpet design inspiration inspired by gold and silver hues for your hospitality customized carpets

Texture Clay

Embrace the beauty of biophilia and make mother nature your muse by capturing elements of the outdoors, indoors. Breathe life into any space with a grounding, earth-inspired colour palette, combined with plenty of varying gradients and textures to reflect the outside world’s unique irregularities - from textured clay to cracked stone. By paying special attention to the small details, you’ll have everything you need to create a small portion of paradise.

carpet design inspired by the colors and the beauty of nature

Colour Effects

Experience the true power of colour with our all-encompassing palette - a lively and vibrant explosion of statement, yet complementary, shades that will instantly inject personality into a room. Taking inspiration from colour blocking and abstract fluidity, these designs allow for complete creative freedom, encouraging outside-the-box thinking and playful experimentation to transport visitors to an alternate reality. Why confine yourself to greys when you have endless design possibilities at your fingertips?

Design Inspiration from vibrant colours for hospitality customized carpets

Graphic Pastel

In a world that's always on, soft pastel tones are key to creating a calming and restorative hospitality experience. Explore how to use block colours and fluid shapes to inject this inherently playful and optimistic colour palette into your next interior project. 

Tarkett Graphic Pastel Inspirational Moodboard

Nature Roots

Incorporate nature into hospitality design, giving customers the restorative retreat they crave. With increasing demand for wellness and self care experiences within hospitality, aligning interior decor with the natural world is key. Using materials inspired by nature is proven to boost wellbeing and incorporating natural effects in flooring design will help us reconnect with the outdoors.

Hospitality carpet Design inspiration moodboard inspiration

Explore our customisable carpet collections

Ready to create your own bespoke design? Our DESSO Axminster, DESSO Axminster Sculpt and DESSO Gravure carpet collections are fully customisable and our team of experts are here to support you every step of the way.

DESSO Axminster

Our Axminster weaving technology is known for its outstanding beauty as well as the capability of rendering complex, crispy clear patterns, whilst providing long term durability.

DESSO Axminster Sculpt

Axminster Sculpt offers a structured, organic depth never-before-seen in Axminster carpet, creating a truly unique effect for the ultimate luxury experience.

DESSO Gravure

Experience unprecedented freedom in carpet design with our custom-made Gravure printed carpet. Bringing outstanding colour and clarity to your design through use of printing technologies.