Tarkett's approach to move towards Circular Economy

Climate and circular economy

We love rubbish. We remake it into beautiful floors. Endlessly.

When others see rubbish, we see opportunity. It’s why we work with our customers to take back and recycle flooring through our ReStart® programme. It’s why we investigate innovative solutions with other industries to turn their rubbish into valuable, reuseable materials. And it’s why we’re working to maximise the recycled content in all our products and prioritise end-of-life recycling. Preserving natural resources, reducing waste and our carbon footprint, and giving you peace of mind on your product choice.

Making conscious choices. For people and planet.
Tarkett Human-Conscious Design®.

Recycled content

We don’t let valuable materials go to waste. We aim to reach 30% recycled content by 2030.


Finding innovative new ways to recycle every last scrap even for post-use flooring.


Our trailblazing flooring take-back and recycling programme that’s closing the loop.

Cradle to Cradle®

The methodology that guides us to eco-design our products with good materials.

Climate change

We go the extra mile to cut carbon emissions. Join us!