Informed, networked, empowered, and active consumers are increasingly co-creating value.
Inspired by collaborative design, our Co-Creation services include our customers in the creative process to shape customized, flexible and modular flooring experiences. We believe interacting with our customers creates value.

Online co-creation service

Some of our flooring collections offer unlimited creative possibilities thanks to their modularity. Modular vinyl tile collections such as iD Mixonomi  [iD Supernature & iD Tattoo to be mentioned when available] are made to be customized. iD Mixonomi is a selection of different shapes and colours that can be mixed to create different patterns and interior atmospheres. Our free and web-based online configurator is a free and web-based tool that assists our customers in the creation of custom-made flooring patterns.

The functionalities of the online configurator include:

  • Choosing from a large selection of different patterns, made from 7 different shapes combined together
  • Customizing the pattern of your choice using the 33 colours of the iD Mixonomi Colour Palette created in collaboration with Peclers, a famous Parisian Design agency.
  • After creating your pattern, you can visualize it in the room of your choice,
  • Functionalities include the possibility to download various files from your customized pattern creation:

- The image in JPG format,
- The CAD file,
- The “recipe” to place an order for the product.

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Floorcraft Design Service, a dedicated design

Our Floorcraft Design Service offers our customers the possibility to create customized floorings in collaboration with our design teams. With our Floorcraft Design Service, our customers can engage in a co-creation process to bring their projects to life with unique and customized designs.

Once the look has been finalised, the design is digitalised and sent to our sonic cutting service. Our designs are pre-assembled, and therefore don’t require any specific installation skills.

Here are the steps in our Floorcraft Design Service creative process:

  1. Design: You can either provide a company logo, graphic or pattern or choose a pre-existing design from our catalogue. We also provide custom support with a dedicated design team to create original designs. We can also support you in choosing the best flooring material for your project.

  2. Layout: Using computer software, our design team develops an installation plan to help visualise the final layout as well as develop cutting instructions

  3. Cutting: Our sonic cutting machines precision cut the planned design from your selected flooring material

  4. Preassembly: Our team pre-assembles the pieces into easy-to-install panels. Clear adhesive tape is placed on the surface to hold the pieces together during installation, which will then be removed once the flooring adhesive has set

Installation: Your new custom-designed floor is ready to be installed.

Download our Floorcraft Brochure

Atelier Tarkett, a space for Co-Creation

Entirely dedicated to architects and designers, Atelier Tarkett is a unique service, both in terms of concept and approach to materials. Tarkett collaborated with 5.5 designstudio to imagine Atelier Tarkett as an extension to the studios of architects and designers. It is an environment where creative professionals can

  • Share ideas in a stimulating space

  • Engage in co-creative practices by holding meets or consulting experts

  • Fast-track their projects by exploring the materials’ possibilities and the creative potential of the brand’s solutions and flooring products.

Co-Founder and Creative Director Jean-Sébastien Blanc explains:

“Our idea was to design a place that would feel like the extension to an architecture studio, a place where architects would be comfortable, where they would enjoy working, where they would want to come back and spend time. And not just to look for samples, but to find inspiration and boost their creativity as well”.

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