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DESSO Airmaster® Reflection

Beautifully balanced

DESSO AirMaster Reflection has been created with contemporary hospitality and workplaces in mind, inspired by Japanese design philosophy centred around balance, serenity and nature.

As the lines between home, hospitality and workplace continue to blur, this 100% recyclable collection has been designed to offer a respite from our frantic and fractured existence with wellbeing built into the fabric of the flooring. The collection features Tarkett’s patented AirMaster technology, offering tangible health benefits by reducing fine dust in the indoor air.

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Clears the Air®

The importance of clean air can hardly be overstated. Tiny, invisible par ticles called par ticulate matter (PM), also known as particle pollution or fine dust, play a determining factor in the air quality of hotels and workplaces, and are directly linked to health risks1. Our presence of mind, our sense of well-being and our health in general all benefit gr eatly from air free of pollutants.

Ever since its introduction the AirMaster technology has proven itself in countless workspaces as well as in stringent laboratory tests. The latter demonstrated that DESSO AirMaster® is at least eight times more effective at capturing and retaining fine dust particles than smooth flooring solutions (PM10) and at least four times compared to conventional carpets (PM10)2

Proven effectiveness

The GUI Gold label has been awarded based on the average of 15 repeated tests in which the excellent fine dust capturing performance of DESSO AirMaster was measured, to safeguard that the results are scientifically sound and not just based on a one-time per formance. During some tests, DESSO AirMaster proved to be up to 20 times more effective3 in capturing and retaining fine dust than smooth flooring solutions.

The Gold Plus label was awarded for high performance on three test criteria:

  • Suitability for allergy sufferers
  • High fine dust binding capacity
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission properties4

Unique tactile swirl pattern

DESSO AirMaster Reflection lets you create unique, tactile swirl patterns across the floor. This distinctive composition is achieved by combining a textured neutral, or darker top layer with curved subtle lines and a contrasting – or complementary – coloured base. This multi-layered design allows y ou to experiment with lines, textures and colours to create visually calming sanctuaries. The striking collection is available in nine shades.

Discover the new AirMaster® Reflection collection

DESSO Airmaster® Reflection

Inspired by Japanese design philosophy centred around balance, serenity and nature, the new DESSO AirMaster® Reflection has wellbeing built into the fabric of the flooring.

Sustainability Credentials

DESSO AirMaster Reflection carpet tiles ar e Cradle to Cradle Silver - level certified™ and manufactured using 100% green energy.

Airmaster Reflection credentials


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  1. World Health Organization Air quality guidelines for particulate matter, global update 2005.
  2. Based on tests performed by GUI with DESSO AirMaster® versus a standard smooth floor and versus standard structured loop pile carpet (median values).
  3. Measurements are carried out at a height of 80 cm and 110 cm (in the breathing zone).
  4. ISO 16000 test analysis, according AgBB evaluation scheme 2010 and in accordance with GUT emission criteria