DESSO & Ex Nature carpet collection - green

DESSO & Ex Nature

Grounded in Nature

Tarkett’s DESSO & Ex Nature collection has been designed in collaboration with interior architect Odette Ex in response to our disrupted times. Odette Ex, the founder of leading international interior architecture firm, Ex Interiors, is renowned for her visionary approach that puts human wellbeing at the heart of the design process.

Combining wall-to-wall broadloom carpet and custom-made area rugs, the collection’s sensory appeal lies in its captivating, nature-inspired aesthetic.

Feeling of calm connectedness

DESSO & Ex Nature is inspired by our innate desire to be one with the natural world. Taking cues from living matters and materials – moss, sand and blooms – Odette takes us on an restorative journey through a forest with this stunning collection.

DESSO & Ex Nature carpet design collaboration with Odette Ex and design team

Using organic textures and tones, DESSO & Ex Nature induces a feeling of calm connectedness that brings warmth, tactility and acoustic comfort to any setting. It reflects the emergence of multi-functional spaces for work, hospitality and leisure, with creative solutions that satisfy a more holistic set of conscious and subconscious needs.

With a grounding in fine art, Odette is also using more playful, graphical, shapes for a design-led, contemporary feel – and a sense of fun.

Six colour themes

A beautifully authentic weathered effect is achieved with six base colours – Earth, Sand, Moss, Cosmos, Charcoal and Violet – injected with layers of light and shade. Each colourway is available in a stratified pattern inspired by the vibrant structures of materials like stone, stucco and travertine.

DESSO & Ex - Colour themes complete overview of all colours and designs

Also available in custom rugs

Make any interior warm and natural with rugs in organic or special shapes for optimum comfort, warmth and a relaxed atmosphere. Choose your favorite quality, color, shape, size and finish and put the rugs as a perfect eye-catcher in a space.

DESSO & Ex Nature Custom rugs - showing the two types of edge finishing

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