DESSO Transitions

DESSO Transitions

Transitions has been designed to soften interiors by introducing organic structures. It helps architects and designers to bring the outside world in.

DESSO Desert

Desert lends a feeling of vast, open spaces to the indoors with its subtly layered organic design. 


With Salt, a striking yet subtle colour accent can be added to the interior. This two-tone, high/low carpet tile has a natural organic structure, which introduces a layer of colour without dominating the space.


Rock is a striking textured loop pile carpet tile, inspired by nature and designed to create impact and definition across flooring schemes.


Owing to its organic high/low pile structure, Grain adds subtle movement to the space softening any sharp edges of the interior by introducing natural shapes


Fuse is a striking transition carpet tile that adds movement to the floor by effortlessly flowing between two contrasting yet complimentary colour schemes to help zone and divide a space.

DESSO Fields

Fields is a textured carpet tile that gives the distinct impression of a hand-woven textile.