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Material Futures

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What choices lie ahead regarding the materials we use? To answer that question, ELLE Decoration has partnered with Tarkett to create a special edition magazine that takes an exciting deep dive into the materials that are shaping the world of tomorrow. Material Futures is a story of sustainability, circularity, and regeneration. These are the pillars that the next generation will be built on and what comes next is truly exciting, as we move beyond what is known and find that there is still so much to discover.

As a leader in flooring, Tarkett is committed to support industry in the transition towards circularity and to engage with end-users to facilitate a change in behavior. That’s why we decided to do this collaboration with ELLE Decoration and hope this magazine will bring inspiration, trigger conversation and eventually lead to sustainable change.

We always start at the end

We strongly believe that we need to be a leader when it comes to rewriting the rules and helping change our mindset from producing more to producing better instead.

The Beauty of Circularity is based on three pillars. Design - We design each product to be functional and aesthetic but also circular from the start. Our second pillar is Materials – making sure that we choose those that contribute to our general health and well-being while also limiting the use of virgin raw materials by recovering and revitalizing waste products. These two link to our third pillar, Circular Journey, and we always collaborate with the owner of the floor to make sure we have that in place.

We partnered with futures research agency Franklin Till to help us tell this story visually, which allows customers to make a conscious choice while also engaging them – without that, the circular scheme wouldn't work.

- Thomas Leneveu, Vice-President Benelux & Carpet Business Unit EMEA at Tarkett

The Beauty of Circularity

Global companies with an international presence and substantial footprints have the greatest potential for impact and the resources to invest in material innovation – this is one reason why futures research agency FranklinTill seeks to work with some of the world’s largest manufacturers, including Tarkett. 

Designers work within a complex series of limitations. That’s not the case with Tarkett, where material innovation and circularity are embedded at the core of everything the company does. The Beauty of Circularity strategy was developed by FranklinTill for Tarkett to communicate the depths of Desso carpet tiles' circularity story.


Powerhouse of Sustainability

Patricia Urquiola is known for incorporating sustainability into her design practice and pushing brands to be greener. According to Urquiola, we should consider the entire life cycle and the broader societal effects of the new materials and objects we put out there. 

Earlier this year, Patricia Urquiola launched a carpet tile collection with Tarkett. Apart from our shared vision to make a collection with a closed-loop system and the lowest possible environmental impact, she wanted to avoid the organic lines so prevalent in current interior design projects. Instead, she looked to the grid structure of woven textiles like tweed and bouclé for inspiration and incorporated this into a tufted carpet tile.

Portrait Image Patricia Urquiola and the behind the scenes of creating a carpet tile collection with DESSO

Red Alert

Back in 2014, we started thinking of a way to re-use Tarkett’s leftover Desso rugs, for instance, items from previous collections or pieces containing small imperfections. That’s when we started experimenting with adding a splash of colour to these textiles - van Keijsteren. The duo knew from the start that the colour red should be their starting point. 

In 2022, this was extended to Tarkett’s carpet tile collection. Working together with Tarkett’s team, RENS elevated their dying technique to an industrial scale. We decided to use the red dye on only half of the tile, so the previous hues and nuances work together with the new colour. The result shows the beauty of imperfection.

The duo underlines the importance of durable collaborations between designers and manufacturers, like the one they have with Tarkett.

Portrait photo of Stefanie van Keijsteren and Renee Mennen, co-founders of Studio Rens

This magazine is set to inspire and inform through captivating visual storytelling and insightful yet accessible interviews with though leaders and innovators at the forefront of this movement. The aim is to motivate and delight by showcasing many of the ground-breaking and beautiful endeavours that strike at the heart of this issue and help transform the way we view materiality for the better.

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