EUC Lillebælt

EUC Lillebælt

2021 | Fredericia, Denmark

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In 2019, EUC Lillebælt, a vocational training centre, needed to expand one if its buildings. Good acoustics, a comfortable indoor environment and a modern design were key criteria for this new two-story building. Also, it was important that the classrooms and administration offices be built around a central, common, sunken area in the ground floor. It was a successful and inspiring project, where everyone involved was proud of their contribution.

Durable and practical floor coverings

In collaboration with the project's contractor CJ A / S, Snoghøjs Tæpper & Gulvmontering, a floor installation studio, was tasked with finding both practical and modern floors for the entire building, in order to create a vibrant and modern look.

They chose Tarkett's linoleum Veneto floor collection and installed it in three different colours over a total of 1200 square meters (classrooms, corridors and ceramic rooms). The linoleum collection is particularly suitable for the project, thanks to its design specifications, easy maintenance and functionality. Additionally, the floor is created with a special xf² surface treatment that both protects against wear and makes the floor easy to clean. This is especially practical for larger areas such as offices, public institutions and the hotel and restaurant industry.

According to Michael Hansen from Snoghøjs Tæpper & Gulvmontering, the maintenance quality of the floors in particular was an important element in the selection process:

“When selecting the floors for the project, we talked a lot about it being a practical floor that suited an educational institution, but at the same time, great emphasis was placed on it being easy to maintain. Of course, a linoleum floor needs to be cared for and washed regularly, but in my experience, Tarkett's linoleum is an extremely long-lasting floor that is quite easy to care for.”

The school also installed 300 square meters of Tarkett’s durable DESSO Essence flooring, in the classic stylish charcoal grey colour.  


A mix of colourful linoleum floors

Originally the school wanted to install neutral-coloured floors, however when the large variety of colours offered by Tarkett were presented to the school they decided to change direction and went with a colourful selection instead. For example, the green Veneto Grass in the hallways and the red Veneto Carmino in the ceramic rooms provide a bright and fresh ambiance to the school. In the end, Michael Hansen was very satisfied with the decision to use the gray Veneto Night Owl only in the classrooms.

“We thought that all the floors in the school should be gray, since it is a neutral colour that is appropriate for an educational institution. However, in the end, Tarkett's many colour options gave the project a completely different quality that I admit works very well in the school. I especially appreciate the green scratched-down linoleum and the high-gloss parquet floor in the meeting area, since it provides a nice contrast to the larger space.”


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