Genius Loose-lay flooring

Genius loose-lay vinyl flooring: quick to install, easy to recycle

Step into the future with Tarkett’s latest loose-lay vinyl flooring

Embrace the future with Tarkett’s new Genius loose-lay vinyl flooring in rolls, specially designed for quicker installation and to resist to heavy traffic in commercial buildings. This heavy duty vinyl flooring is a no-hassle solution, ideal for new buildings or overnight renovations as it can be installed with no glue, and directly on top of a variety of subfloors, reducing installation time and nuisance, and allowing immediate traffic. It is available in both Acczent Compact and Tapiflex Acoustic versions, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for your projects.
This sustainable vinyl flooring is eco-designed to be 100% recyclable and effectively recycled thanks to our Re-Start® programme in our recycling centers, to provide you with eco friendly flooring that is respectful of the environment, an active participant in the transition towards the circular economy and contribute to the health and well-being of occupants. This is our Human Conscious Design approach.

Designed to be recyclable

Entering the circular economy helps you meet your sustainable goals by putting raw materials back into circulation at the end of their life, and our loose-lay vinyl flooring is designed to help you do exactly that.

Eco-designed for easy recycling  

Excellence Genius was eco-designed to be fully eligible for recycling (off-cuts and post consumer) and reprocessing back into our production line.
Its glue-free installation method makes it even easier to recycle.
Once disassembled, your product will be sent to our recycling centre in Clervaux, Luxembourg, where it will be recycled and repurposed into new products.

Made of high-quality materials

  • 100% phthalate-free: Excellence Genius does not contain phthalate-based plasticizer.
  • More than 20% recycled materials inside
  • Level of VOCs 100 times lower than the most stringent EU standards (VOC=volatile organic compounds)

Hassle-free and guaranteed recycling

Tarkett’s ReStart® take-back and recycling programme will give your flooring a second life.
Once you are done with a product, our local collector partner will come and collect your post-consumer Genius flooring as well as post-installation off-cuts.

This hassle-free and simple recycling offer will help you:

  • save costs associated with industrial waste disposal
  • fulfill green building certification criteria (2 points HQE/ BREEAM certifications).

Quick installation

Quicker installation and renovation

At Tarkett, we are committed to providing you with a simple and efficient installation.
Reduce the impact caused by disruptions to traffic flows and service operations in buildings receiving lots of visitors, such as hospitals or schools, thanks to reduced downtime post-installation.
Whether it is a first-time installation or a renovation, you will save an abundance of time thanks to Genius.

Less inconvenience

  • Divides downtime by two for areas in use 24/7, and overnight renovations mean rooms can be ready for use by the next morning.
  • Decrease pollution risks linked to product removal in occupied areas (i.e. Dust creating hygiene risks in hospitals, noise nuisances linked to work in progress, VOC emissions from glue). Also avoid glue odours.
  • Easy and quick removal of the flooring to replace any damaged areas.

Durable performances

Heavy-duty vinyl flooring

Strong and durable, our no-glue vinyl flooring is able to withstand the demands and constraints of heavy traffic environments such as schools and hospitals.
With Genius loose-lay, you will find a flooring that has you ‘covered’ in the following ways:

  • Resistant to tearing from heavy furniture

Genius has been tested to remains smooth under a 115 kg furniture, which will not create permanent indentations (exceeds EN 424/110kg standard).

  • Great dimensional stability

Genius' ability to retain its original dimensions after exposure to changes in temperature or relative humdity is ≤ 0,04% (x10 vs. standard EN ISO 23999).

  • Resistant to repeated movements made by rolling equipment (i.e. hospital beds, desks)

Genius is resistant to 100,000 cycles of a castor chair on a concentrated point, x4 vs. standard ISO4918 (25,000 cycles).

  • Enhanced adhesion to subfloor thanks to Genius backing grip, for easier installation

Fits a variety of uses

Compact and Acoustic versions

Our Excellence Genius comes in both compact and acoustic versions, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for you.

Tapiflex acoustic

Sound reduction of up to 19dB

Acczent compact

High-intensity traffic and damp subfloors

Installing Genius on existing subfloors

Don't waste time evaluating which solution for what subfloors, Genius can be installed on many kind of different subfloors.
This also maximize the speed of your installation. (Save up to 4 hours : no floor dismantling).

It is compatible with the following types of subfloors:

  • Asbestos (according to local regulations)
  • Existing compact vinyl and linoleum
  • Standard cement subfloors
  • Standard wood subfloors
  • Damp subfloors (compact version only)

Dealing with damp subfloors from rising moisture or subfloors that have not fully completed the drying process?
Genius Excellence Acczent (compact version) is the solution even where coving is needed.

A variety of design possibilities

We give you the options, you make the choice based on your own creativity and style. From classic to contemporary looks, Tarkett’s wide range of options is designed to match a number of wall patterns.

  • Select from 25 ready to order designs, 18 of which are guaranteed to be in stock.
  • Compatible with other Excellence ranges, including ProtectWALL, Tapiflex Stairs, Acczent & Tapiflex Platinum and accessory collections.

Need more choice?
Order any design from the Excellence collection to create a customised and unique look.
Minimum order quantity: 800 m² - Production lead time: three weeks

Working for an elderly care facility?

A large part of our Genius collection is dementia-friendly, easing orientation and aiding spatial perception so that residents can navigate their surroundings and manage better on their own.