Kolme Office

Kolme Office

2023 | Milan, Italy

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Kolme, a leading company in the telecommunications field, recently renovated its headquarters in Milan to create a work environment that reflects the clear and innovative vision of the brand.

The new offices, located on the second floor of a building in the Famagosta area of Milan, are made up of free and flexible workstations, allowing the employees to experience an unrestricted office workspace.

In addition to the large open space, phonebooth stations were installed, so that individuals can enjoy a private space for confidential calls and micro meetings. For these small spaces, warm and welcoming colours were used.

A highly resistant PVC flooring from Tarkett’s Starfloor Click Ultimate 55 collection, in the Stylish Natural Oak colour was used to cover the entire 750 square meter surface.

Given the need to lay the new floor on a pre-existing surface, the Ultimate collection with integrated acoustic mat proved to be the best solution in terms of installation time, resistance and an immediately available walkable surface.


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Read about Kolme’s newly renovated headquarters in Milan and how Tarkett’s Starfloor Click collection helped reflect the brand’s vision.

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