Tarkett Lino destructured by Studio Rens at Dutch Design Week

Lino Undercover by Studio RENS

Tarkett Lino from the other side at Dutch Design Week

You know it, we know it, we all know it: linoleum is traditional yet perfectly contemporary: natural and sustainable, easy to maintain, and tough as nails. During Dutch Design Week, the material breaks free from its well-known image and sheds its familiar reputation. With Lino Undercover, Tarkett and Studio RENS uncover the hidden facets of linoleum.

From the other side

What if down is up, and back is front? If the invisible becomes visible and the frayed edges take center stage? When unique material qualities are allowed to speak for themselves and it's not the finish but the start that takes the spotlight?

During Dutch Design Week, Tarkett and Studio RENS showcase what a unique collaboration can lead to, presenting discoveries you wouldn't have imagined.

Same, yet completely different

Stripping, slicing, dissecting, reversing, fitting together and colouring: Lino Undercover has the leading role, in the revealing exhibition.

Pure linoleum, of course, but with quite a twist.

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