Linoleum is a hard-wearing and long-lasting flooring solution

Linoleum: a hard-wearing, long-lasting flooring solution

Tarkett linoleum: Modern performances

Tarkett linoleum flooring is appreciated not only for its natural and sustainable beauty, but also for its comfort, durability and versatility that makes it the perfect solution in many interior environments. 
Tarkett was an early innovation with its xf²™ surface protection to improve resistance and simplify maintenance for significant cost savings in daily cleaning and care.
Our collection also offers the possibility to choose between various technical specifications and options for linoleum floors and walls.

How durable is linoleum?

Discover the superb durability of our xf²™ finish, with excellent resistance to mechanical wear and stains, making it ideal for demanding environments.

Exclusive xf² surface treatment for excellent durability

- The micro-reinforced polyurethane UV treatment seals and hardens the surface to make it more resistant to dirt and daily wear and tear.
- No need for polishing, stripping or polymer waxing during the product’s lifetime (provided that soil barriers are in place, furniture legs have appropriate protection, and regular maintenance and daily inspections are performed).
- Internal and external tests prove its superior resistance to abrasion and chemicals compared to typical competitor products on the market. Resistance to chemicals remains higher than competitors even after the abrasion test performed to simulate the use of the protective layer due to traffic.
- The improved gloss level provides a more refined matt appearance and enhances the authentic, natural feeling.



The traditional acrylic, non-PU, factory applied finish, ready to walk on. To be used when a non-PU surface protection is required. Now with improved durability against abrasion, it offers customers robuster protection and the option to apply an on-site treatment after installation or over time.

tarkett lino durable with its exclusive xf² surface treatment

Naturally Anti-Bacterial

Naturally inhibiting bacterial growth

Tarkett lino has naturally anti-bacterial properties against the most common bacteria, such as E. coli and MRSA.
This is a particularly important feature in environments where good hygiene is essential such as schools and hospitals. 

Linoleum floors for specific applications

We offer different versions of linoleum that are specially designed for specific applications in commercial spaces.


Acoustic floors offer both excellent impact sound insulation, sound absorption and good resistance to indentation. They also provide extra comfort underfoot, a key well-being factor in many environments such as educational facilities and hospitals.


Our linoleum solutions with Bfl fire rating are ideal for evacuation routes. We also offer the only linoleum approved for use on walls, with B-s2,d0 fire certification.


Our non-slip, R10 rated lino flooring ensure a secure fit and are the ideal solution for areas where increased slip resistance is required, such as entrance areas.


Tarkett static-dissipative and conductive lino flooring offers a flexible, high-performance solution to keep sensitive environments such as operating theatres, and computer and electrical rooms safe.


Our Linosport range offers exceptional resistance to allow a smarter and better use of sporting and recreational spaces.


Discover the full range of accessories to complete and facilitate Tarkett linoleum installation: welding rods, underlays and skirtings.

Easy maintenance

Simplifying cleaning and maintenance

The linoleum’s xf²™ surface treatment means that polishing, stripping and polymer waxing is not necessary during the product’s lifetime (provided that soil barriers are in place, furniture legs have appropriate protection, and regular maintenance and daily inspections are performed). This means cleaning and maintenance become less frequent and less intense, thus reducing water, energy and detergent consumption for a reduced environmental footprint.

xf²™ linoleum’s lower life cycle cost

The initial investment and installation costs normally account for just a small proportion of a flooring’s total life cycle cost. The rest is cleaning and maintenance. As xf²™ linoleum requires no surface treatment after installation and no wax or polish over its lifetime, the total life cycle cost is significantly lower. Compared with other treated linoleum flooring, payback on the extra investment can be achieved within two years.