Minimal Fantasy

Minimal Fantasy

2020 | Madrid, Spain

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photos : JC de Marcos

Tarkett collections, Eclipse Premium and iQ Megalit, to create a “Minimal Fantasy” in the heart of Madrid by Patricia Bustos Studio

A MINIMAL FANTASY in the heart of Madrid, two streets away from one of the most well-known and busy areas of the city, a place to dream is hidden, a tunnel of time and color that immerses you in a surreal world. PBStudio has designed the renovation of this 55m house with the intention of taking us out of the daily routine of our lives and entering for a moment into a surreal and extravagant world. It is a house destined to the vacation rent where Tarkett vinyl flooring contributes to create a sophisticated atmosphere, they had clear that it would be an aesthetic madness looked for to dislocate to which they inhabit it temporarily under the studio’s manifesto of the three S's (Surprise, singularity and sense)

Satin curtains, iridescent sheets and recycled, eco-friendly furniture also covered with Tarkett collections Eclipse Premium and iQ Megalit in vivid pink colors make this apartment the coolest place to stay when visiting Madrid.

Inspired by the works of Red Wall Bofill, where the architect creates a mysterious and infinite space with the perfect transformation between 2D and 3D, and with several elements that play with the optical illusion. The intention of the Patricia Bustos study was to play with space, to dislocate the inhabitant and that this will enter a kind of Wonderland, where you discover little by little what is hidden behind each door and where, thanks to the continuous Tarkett floors, furniture work and arched steps (strategically located and covered also with Eclipse Premium collection), space is multiplied.

The few pieces chosen are almost all designed by the studio itself, which wanted the space to breathe fantasy but also a refined and architectural aesthetic minimalism.

What they call Concept reality vs. fantasy to bring to the project a feeling of extravagance and evanescence to which we are not used to and yet we love to experience for a few days when we travel

The color palette is up to 12 shades of pink makes the space that serene and surreal Patricia says: “Pink is punk; Pink is already the color of a whole generation...the generation of the brave, those who are not afraid of change. Pink vindicates the fall of stereotypes. Everything is possible, nothing is planned or established and that's the beauty of it, there are no rules... or rather that everyone has their own. That's why it's the color of a new generation that fights for its dreams and finds its way as it goes along, without maps or advice... just following the heart and intuition.”

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Tarkett collections Eclipse Premium and iQ Megalit in vivid pink colors make this apartment the coolest place to stay when visiting Madrid.

Designer/ Architect

Studio : PBS ( Patricia Bustos Studio )