Necker Hospital

Necker Hospital

2019 | Paris, France

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Tarkett provided the day care center of the Necker- Enfants Malades hospital with three colors from their Fusion Lines décor, Excellence collection, a heterogeneous vinyl flooring.

Here are a few words from Frédérique F.Thomas interior designer, plastician and colorist who designed the space.


The Concept :
When I discovered the flooring collection Excellence the idea came to me. The collection is so colorful and graphic that I decided to use it as my inspiration. It was perfect for the project, because studies show that saturated and bright colors have a certain power of attraction for children and adolescents. In addition, for relatives accompanying the children, it is reassuring, because it offers a joyful and alluring space that alleviates the medical and anxious appearance of a hospital. The idea behind the design was to create the impression that the floor is a dynamic game that consists of surfing from one color to another. This was obtained by using a diagonal incision. The flooring in the corridors and in the rooms are the same, creating a connection, and not a separation, between the child’s room and other areas. Furthermore, since the doors remain open in most cases the young patient is not isolated during treatment, which can last several hours. Quite the opposite, he/she will feel safe and connected to the parents’ room and to the healthcare team. I chose the Fusion Lines design in three shades: magenta, petrole and saffron yellow (Bright Violet, Intense Petrole and Intense Olive). This colorful harmony exposes a genuine, yet pleasant contrast. Color appeals to our senses, just like music or perfume, that's why I created three ambiances. I wanted to give the children a choice. It is important that they take ownership of their space when they come in for treatment. That is the least we can give them. The treatments can last between an hour and a day, and are repeated once a month and sometimes even once a week. Sadly, some treatments are prescribed for life.

Questions & Answers :

What are your thoughts on how design and colors impact the well-being and healing of patients ?
Offering patients, a welcoming and reassuring environment that includes a customized harmony of colors and design seems to me inseparable from a seamless experience when receiving treatment.

In the case of the Necker - Enfants Malades Hospital, it is necessary to bring joy and life to the place where children feel vulnerable, especially when facing a reality that is so difficult to bear. It’s like when you arrive on a set, the first thing you feel comes from what you see. So I make sure that the bright and contrasting colors catch the eye. It also helps parents feel confident, knowing that this space was designed specifically for their children.

What inspires you to create the interior design of healthcare facilities?
It could be the architecture of the place, but more often than not, there are such technical constraints that it is more likely I will find my inspiration when I discover a flooring collection designed specifically for healthcare facilities. The colors, graphics, materials, textures and the finishings play such an important role in the design of my projects.

What steps did you take to better understand the expectations of the people who use this ward ?
The experience of the healthcare team is valuable. You have to listen to the team and gather as much information as possible. What I find interesting is proposing different options to the team, especially ones they have not thought of, and shaking things up.

What feedback did you receive from the project owner on your work ?
The head engineer, Hervé Guicheteau, gave me good feedback— the ward works well and the teams are very happy.

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Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital: Day Care Center - Diagnostic and Therapeutic Ward (space, texture and colors).

Designer/ Architect

Frédérique F.Thomas – interior designer, plastician and colorist

Building owner

APHP Hôpital Necker