New coloured vinyl flooring collection

New coloured vinyl flooring collection

Colour [noun]: The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light. (The Oxford Dictionary)

Colour is at the heart of the new heterogeneous vinyl floor, wall and stair solutions that were designed to create just the right interior atmosphere: energizing and stimulating or calm and peaceful, depending on what people are using a space for. Check out some of our best colour combinations inspired by the latest interior design trends.

Comforting Soft Coral Peach

Coral Peach is a unique mix of white, yellow and orange that pairs well with deep colours such as blue or green. It is a comforting colour that lends softness to interiors. For a more elegant and sophisticated touch, combine it with mint green or more neutral tones.

Dive deep into the Turquoise Blue

A mix of blue and green, Turquoise blue radiates calm and tranquility. Like water, Turquoise helps to find stability and interior peace. When combined with sparkling colour combinations of pink and yellow, interiors strike a perfect balance of tranquility and uplifting energy.

Illuminate interiors with Bright Yellow

Yellow is the colour of Sunshine and Optimism. The most luminous in the colour spectrum, Yellow has an energizing and beneficial effect on people. Combine yellows with light gray to balance the effect of yellow with a more neutral colour and add a darker colour for a more refined look.