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Origin Collection

DESSO Recharge & Retrace


The Beauty of Circularity. DESSO Origin’s Recharge and Retrace carpet tiles are 100% recyclable, the result of a holistic design process. Here, the circular notion of “made to be remade” inspired both texture and pattern, with each product line reflecting the tactile beauty to be found in the perfect imperfection of the natural world.


Our Circular Carbon Footprint

Doing good for people and the planet means taking real steps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, a major contributor to global warming.

Tarkett’s circular approach to carpet tiles enables us to do just that. The only carpet tile manufacturer with a closed-loop recycling system, we limit the use of virgin raw materials for new products, and avoid common, carbon-emitting options such as incineration and the landfill at product end-of-life.
DESSO Origin Circular Carbon Footprint

Lowest Circular Carbon Footprint

From the initial point of extraction through manufacturing, installation, use and recycling, we bear a responsibility for guiding the carpet on to its next life, over and over again.

Our closed-loop system ensures that our carpet tiles have the lowest circular carbon footprint* in Europe – one that is at least 6 times lower** than the total carbon footprint of our competitors.

Made to be Remade

The DESSO Origin collection is made to be remade. A truly circular product, it was designed to be disassembled so its components can be easily recycled into raw material for new carpet tiles. The result: a collection that combines technical expertise with tactility and textural beauty. For new, and renewed, beginnings.


Making conscious choices. For people and planet.

Tarkett Human-Conscious Design TM

The Origin Collection

The beauty of circularity comes across in the irregularity and textural variation of their designs, an invitation to touch, feel and admire, time and time again.

DESSO Recharge

The DESSO Recharge design evokes the upcycled chalk used in the manufacture of the EcoBase backing.

DESSO Retrace

The DESSO Retrace looks to the carpet tile recycling process itself for inspiration of its design.

Colour Range

The DESSO Recharge and Retrace carpet tiles share the same beautiful palette of 20 colours, allowing for stunning combinations of colours and designs.
DESSO Origin Circular Recharge Retrace Colour Overview

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* For EcoBase-backed carpet tiles with PA6 yarn, according to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) S-P-05827 externally verified by Bureau Veritas, based on the total carbon footprint (Modules A-D) with a closed loop circular recycling scenario.

** Comparison of EPD S-P-05827 with the total carbon footprint (Module A-D) of each of the 19 carpet tiles’ EPDs available on internet (May 2022) for competitors with production location in the EU+UK, in the product weight range 600-699gr, Polyamide yarn and incineration as end-of-life scenario.