Big bags filled with flooring waste and ready to be transported to Tarketyt's recycling facilities.

ReStart®: Our customers say it best!

Post-use recycling is a simple, effective step on your sustainability journey! Watch three customer testimonials to learn about their experience with Tarkett's take-back and recycling programme and discover how you can save C02 emissions, achieve cost reductions and create competitive advantage by joining ReStart®.

Avoided carbon emissions

Watch Tarkett’s interview with Olivier Berthoud who manages Soltechnic, a company supplying all types of floorings and based in Orléans. Olivier explains how ReStart® has helped him manage flooring waste and how ReStart® has been an ideal hassle-free choice. Since 2020, through ReStart®, Soltechnic has recycled more than 24 tonnes of waste (including carpet tiles and vinyl flooring), representing 40 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved.

Cost reductions

Watch Tarkett’s interview with Kristel Leerkes, director owner of Boerhof Project Interiors in Heeten in the Netherlands. Boerhof Project Interiors provides everything for project interiors including flooring supply. Boerhof Project Interiors joined ReStart® almost at the start of the programme. This customer highlights how Tarkett's hassle-free ReStart® programme has allowed them to achieve cost reduction in addition to the environmental, CO2 saving benefits.

Competitive advantage

Watch Tarkett’s interview with Anthony Francis, managing director of Mayfield Floors, a commercial flooring supplier and installer based in Manchester. Anthony explains why Mayfield Floors joined Tarkett’s ReStart®, contributing to recycling old carpet tiles instead of sending them to landfill or incineration. He clearly states out how ReStart® brings him a competitive advantage.

Tarkett's Circular Selection

Selecting a flooring from our Circular Selection is a guarantee your flooring waste will be collected and recycled even post-use. We aim to continue expanding this approach to other collections, as we continuously strive to implement new recycling technologies and take-back systems.