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Taxonomy? We are ready to get your projects aligned

Today, almost 50,000 companies are required to disclose their compliance with the EU Taxonomy’s criteria.

Are you already one of them, or are you in the process of developing a sustainable building project?

About the Taxonomy

The Taxonomy Regulation provides a Europe-wide classification and reporting system to determine whether an economic activity is environmentally sustainable. It aims to provide guidance to policy makers, investors and industry on how best to support and invest in economic activities that contribute to achieving a climate neutral European economy by 2050.

The EU Taxonomy also applies to activities from the construction and building sector. Actors in this sector must justify the climate impact of the floor coverings they install into the buildings they build, maintain, manage or own. They must also quantify the measures taken to prevent and reduce emissions from their buildings throughout their full lifecycle.

Get ready with Tarkett

Customers and partners of Tarkett are already benefitting from our expertise in sustainable and circular flooring solutions to support the alignment of their building projects with the taxonomy criteria. Tarkett is your trusted partner and advisor when it comes to circular and low carbon flooring solutions that can help meet the EU Taxonomy criteria.

Our teams across Europe are ready to help you prepare and navigate the journey of sustainable finance reporting for your existing and future building projects.

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Our Taxonomy toolbox at your fingertips

Tarkett's approach to move towards Circular Economy
Climate and circular economy

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Tarkett's ReStart programme

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Radical transparency
Radical transparency

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Circular Selection

Our Circular Selection exemplifies the principles at the heart of our journey to the circular economy - designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.

We’ve made sustainable flooring easy for you by pioneering post-use recycling technologies to close the loop on our products and bringing together our sustainable heroes in one comprehensive collection. This is just the beginning. We aim to expand this approach to other collections, as we continuously strive to implement new recycling technologies and take-back systems.