Using welding rods to stand out with iQ Surface

Using welding rods to stand out with iQ Surface

Welding rods to stand out rather than blend in

Just like the iQ Surface collection, the welding rod selection has been designed to mix and match patterns and colour families. Creating highlights can be easily done by cross-matching welding rod colours within an iQ Surface colour collection. Either by choosing from one of the 20 Master colours or one of the 5 additional colours that were defined to further create highlights (Coral, Nude Beige, Camel, Darker Green and Dark Burgundy).

20 welding rods colours to match every design

Welding rods are vinyl extruded threads to be used to join two separate sheets of iQ vinyl flooring material, for floors, walls or furniture. By tradition it is common practice to use rods in a colour that blends into the surface material. Follow the link below to see our selection of welding rods for iQ Surface


Find recommended welding rods for each product

On our website, each product page presents the welding rod references that we recommend. To find the welding rods to match your iQ Surface flooring colour:

  • Go to the iQ Surface collection page
  • Choose from the colours and designs available
  • Scroll down to see the recommended welding rod references

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