Visualise your projects

Visualise your projects

On this page you will find free and web-based tools to visualise your projects with different flooring solutions, materials, colors or even patterns.

Visualise your projects with different floorings

The Room Visualiser enables you to see various floorings in the space of your choice. You can also download an HD image or split the view to compare various products in the same setting.

Create your own custom-made flooring pattern

The iD Mixonomi Online Configurator is a special web-based tool to create your own modular vinyl tiles pattern. You can choose the shapes and colours you want to mix together. You can then download a jpg or a cad file as well as the list of products you need to order to reproduce the pattern you created.

iD Supernature & Tattoo is the luxury vinyl tiles collection that comes in wood and stone effect tiles and planks, and that can be customised by applying 10 different graphic tattoos. Choose from the 16 shades and 10 tattoo designs to create your flooring pattern online.
The online flooring designer is a free web-based tool that will assist you in the process of creating your own luxury vinyl tile pattern. After creating your pattern, you will be able to visualize it in the room of your choice and download jpg and cad files of your pattern.

The iD Mixonomi Jewels Online Configurator allows you to build your own iD Mixonomi Jewels experience by mixing new colours using the Beauregard studio’s layouts. You can view your creation in a space of your choosing. Also, you can download a jpg or a cad file as well as the recipe of the flooring you created with required quantities for a 20m² surface.

Watch the video to start customizing iD Supernature & Tattoo with our Design Assistance Service: