flexible workspaces with the DESSO Fuse landscape carpet tile collection perfect for creating multifunctional office spaces.

Wellbeing in the workplace

The importance of wellbeing in the workplace

At Tarkett, we understand the importance of creating healthy and comfortable workplaces. Our flooring solutions are designed with acoustics and indoor air quality in mind, helping to minimize noise pollution and improve the air quality in the workplace.

A workplace created with wellbeing in mind using the 100% recyclable DESSO fuse landscape carpet tile collection

Improve indoor air quality with Tarkett

The need for better indoor air quality has never been more urgent. While indoor green spaces contribute to better air quality, helping employees refresh and refocus, well-considered flooring also play a key role in ensuring purer, healthier indoor air.

At Tarkett, we know that the floor covering you choose is linked to the quality of indoor air you breathe. Our DESSO AirMaster carpet captures and retains fine dust better than any other flooring solution, while our phthalate-free Luxury Vinyl Tiles emit very low levels of VOCs, supporting better indoor air quality. 

The importance of clean air can hardly be overstated. Our presence of mind, our sense of well-being and our health in general all benefit greatly from air free of pollutants.

Improve acoustics with Tarkett

Acoustics top the list of priorities for employees. Quieter environments improve concentration and productivity and promote better wellbeing in the workplace. That’s why good sound absorption and noise reduction are so important.

Carpet tiles are a popular solution for the workplace when it comes to acoustics, they soften harsh sounds and create a quieter, more peaceful indoor environment. And by adding one of our expertly designed SoundMaster backings, you optimize the sound absorption and sound insulation even more. It also offers more comfortable underfoot feel than standard carpet.

Neurodiversity in the workplace

Research suggests that a more neurodiverse workplace can help unlock innovation, creativity, and big picture thinking in organizations. Many neurodiverse individuals experience sensory challenges; being either under and over stimulated, making it difficult for them to concentrate - or collaborate.  

At Tarkett, we’re committed to understanding the unique needs of everyone in a space, so we can design better products and better experiences for all.  Along with acoustics, a floor’s colour, pattern and texture plays a key role in supporting neurodivergent groups to improve their overall experience of the interior environment. 

With guidance from HOK, Tarkett has developed a set of tools to enhance the design and material selection process for flooring solutions, helping you create more varied spaces, fostering an inclusive workplace where neurodivergent employees can thrive.

Recommended Collections

Airmaster Sphere

AirMaster Sphere is inspired by natural materials and elements to add warmth and texture to a modern office environment. Its design-led appearance is matched by its technologically advanced pedigree offering the patented AirMaster technology, which has been proven to reduce the concentration of fine dust in the air four times more effectively than regular carpets. 

DESSO AirMaster Reflection

The DESSO AirMaster Reflection collection is inspired by Japanese design philosophy centred around balance, serenity and nature. The collection offers an inspiring and sustainable way to significantly reduce harmful fine dust particles in hotels and the workplace. By capturing and keeping them where they can do no harm: under your feet.

DESSO & Patricia Urquiola

Step into a world of high-tech graphic softness with the first DESSO & Patricia Urquiola collaboration. Richly textured and imaginative, the designs combine the tactile quality of textiles with the visual appeal of graphic patterns. 100% recyclable, with an impressively low circular carbon footprint, this collection is available in twelve distinctive colours.

DESSO Fuse Landscape

Journey through Colour. DESSO Fuse imagines interior spaces as fields of colour, with fluid transitions for creating flexible, multifunctional workspaces. Nature-inspired shades and fluid, colour-to-colour transitions that mean you can build flexibility into every floor plan, creating softly textured spaces that evoke different landscapes, moods and seasons.

iD Square acoustic vinyl flooring

Easy to install and just as easy to remove, without damaging the substrate, iD Square gives you a quick access to the technical subfloor and guarantees a fast installation process. It also dampens noise level, which makes it ideal for workplace and commercial projects including hospitality.

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