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Our new Linoleum collections are both stylish and sustainable!

Tarkett’s new 100% recyclable Linoleum designs are stylish and contemporary

Let Nature take its course with Tarkett’s new linoleum flooring and wall designs and features

Tarkett linoleum and its new collections combine heritage and innovation to offer a naturally phthalate-free and 100% recyclable flooring solution. Since 1898 in Narni, Italy, linoleum has been produced with natural ingredients such as linseed oil and jute, with the same original recipe.

The new Lino Originale collection is Cradle to Cradle® Gold certified ™The Cradle to Cradle® Certification guarantees Tarkett follows certain requirements in the production process, such as having a Material Reutilization Score of 65 or higher, not using X assessed materials or using electricity from a renewable source for the final manufacturing stage.. Tarkett linoleum now comes in a complete solution with the new LinoWall wall-approved solution. The single-layer design and unique xf²™ surface treatment xf²™ is Tarkett’s second generation surface treatment that makes flooring more resistant to abrasion, dirt and daily wear. The flooring doesn’t need polish, stripping and polymer and, as a result, is extremely cost-effective. offer unrivalled durability and are ideal in heavy traffic environments. From the floor to the wall, whether you need a compact, acoustic or conductive option, let the variety of design patterns and colours inspire you!

Tarkett's new linoleum collections, Trentino and Etrusco

A renewed collection

■ Modern colours and patterns that offer unlimited mix and match options.
■ Available with our xf²™ surface-treatment technology for an excellent resistance and easy maintenance.

The new Trentino pattern is both modern and traditional

Trentino, a brand new design

■ A subtle semi-directional pattern mixing modernity and tradition.
■ A main marbled colour with two contrasting tones gives this design depth.

Tarkett's new Originale collection comes in 2 striking new designs with natural pigments

The new Originale collection, 100% natural

■ The first and only Cradle to Cradle® Gold certified linoleum.
■ Minerale and Vegetale, 2 striking new designs with natural pigments from renewable organic sources.
■ Available with our factory-applied, non-permanent, natural and non-PU surface treatment, Essenza.

LinoWall is the first wall-approved linoleum

LinoWall, the first wall-approved linoleum

■ The first and only wall-approved linoleum featuring Bs2-dO fire certification.
■ A complete solution with co-ordinated design possibilities for a direct match between wall and floor.
■ Comes with our xf²™ surface-treatment technology.