Maple RED


CE Marking EN 14904
Product type ISO Heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings (ISO 10582)
Binder content Type I
NCS color code S 2570-Y90R
Format Type Roll
Light reflectance value 12,1
Surface treatment Top Clean XP
Total thickness 6,50 mm
Wear layer thickness 0,70 mm
Total weight 17080 g/m²
Installation method Glue-Down
Declaration of Performance # 0120-016-DOP-2013-04
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Cfl-s1
Reaction to fire on fibrecement substrate (EN 13501-1) Cfl-s1
Furniture leg effect No damage
Impact sound reduction (ISO 717-2) - ∆Lw 20 dB
Drum sound class (EN 16205) Class A (≤ 65 dB)
Castor chair effect (ISO 4918) No damage
Residual indentation 0,21 mm
Chemical resistance (ISO 26987) High resistance
Underfloor heating Suitable (maximum 27°C)
Curl resultant to heat (ISO 23999) 8 mm
Colour fastness to light (ISO 105-B02) ≥ 6
Dimensional stability 0,10 %
FIBA Certificate Yes
IHF Certificate Yes
BWF Certificate Yes
Behaviour under a rolling load ≤ 0.5 mm
Shock absorption P1 (≥ 25% < 35%)
Vertical ball behaviour ≥ 90%
Vertical deformation P1 (≤ 2.0 mm)
Phthalate content Phthalate-free (except recycled content)
TVOC emissions after 28 days (ISO 16000-9) Platinum (≤ 10 µg / m³)