Floors for the modern workplace, to create inspiring, multi-purpose spaces that support health and well-being.

The way we work is changing and with it the definition of a modern workplace. A more holistic approach to design help create inspiring, multi-purpose spaces that support the health and wellbeing of the workforce, which in turn leads to better productivity and results for an organisation. Flooring plays a key role by providing benefits such as improved air quality, sound control, comfort and light reflection. Our broad portfolio of flooring solutions—including carpet, modular vinyl, wood, laminate and linoleum—can provide limitless design possibilities and opportunities to express a brand identity, as well as offer inspiring transitions from one area to another. Different textures, designs and colours can be used to create walking paths and distinct zones, establishing places to work, to collaborate, to quietly concentrate, or to build a sense of community. At Tarkett, we are committed to developing sustainable flooring solutions that not only create value but also enhance people’s wellbeing and respect the environment.

A solution for every space