Stack of carpet tiles showcasing the acoustic felt underlay of DESSO SoundMaster

Acoustic carpet backings

DESSO SoundMaster

Less noise means more productive workforces.

Quieter environments prevent health problems occurring1, reduce stress levels and improve concentration. This is especially important in open plan offices where people need a space both for quiet concentration and open communication and where they need a place for private conversations as well as large-scale meetings.

Additional noise from external factors such as traffic, heating and air conditioning and computer equipment make it hard for managers to achieve the optimum level of noise within buildings2. That is why good sound absorption and sound insulation is so important. And the best and most cost effective option comes with one of our expertly designed SoundMaster carpet tile backings as opposed to the other often more expensive options such as ceilings, walls and panels.

In Tarkett’s own research among more than 12,000 office employees across Europe, noise continues to be highlighted as one of the most pressing concerns in the office.

An office with carpet tile flooring with a woman and a man working and talking at a table

DESSO SoundMaster Backings

DESSO SoundMaster

This felt backing is made from 100% polyester (containing 80% recycled content) and offers the most advanced sound insulation and absorption properties.

DESSO SoundMaster Thrive

This is the first SoundMaster backing that is 100% recyclable and when used alongside a carpet tile collection that is Cradle to Cradle® certified, the certification level of the overall product is maintained.

DESSO SoundMaster Lite

This SoundMaster backing offers great acoustic performance and is made from 100% polyester (containing 80% recycled content).

Why choose an acoustic backing?

The link between office noise and employee stress is nothing new. It has been explored in studies for decades. One such study, the Leesman office benchmark, which included over 500,000 respondents worldwide, shows consistently that noise is the sixth perceived most important feature of the workplace by employees – after factors including desk/chair, meeting rooms, natural light and temperature control. After temperature control, it remains the biggest issue among office employees, with only 31% indicating they are satisfied with the current noise levels in their workplace. 

DESSO SoundMaster offers an impact sound insulation value (ΔLw) +8 dB and DESSO SoundMaster Lite and DESSO SoundMaster Thrive + 5 dB above the standard value3. Carpet in general reduces the impact of sound by between 20 and 30 decibel4

The DESSO SoundMaster acoustic backings achieve an improvement in sound absorption performance of up to +0.15 (αw), equivalent to up to 100% improvement in comparison to standard carpet designs (αw value between 0.15 and 0.20)5.


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Compare the DESSO SoundMaster backings

Table explaining the differences between the SoundMaster backings

1) Environmental Noise and Health in the UK, Health Protection Agency, p.57-58, Noise in figures, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, p.70-73
2) According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work the recommended noise level is 30-45 dB(A) while even in ‘quiet’ offices the average noise level is often between 40-45 dB.
3) Tests performed at SWA (Schall- und Wämemessstelle Aachen GmbH) – Institut fuer schalltechnische und wärmetechnische Prüfungen-Beratung-Planung
4) To compare: other flooring solutions (non-carpet) generally give a value between 5 and 10 dB.
5) To compare: other flooring solutions (non-carpet) generally give a value between 0.05 and 0.10.

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