DESSO EcoBase®

DESSO EcoBase®

Truly circular, our carpet tiles are composed of two main components – yarn and EcoBase backing – that come together just as neatly as they can later be taken apart so we can recycle them into quality raw materials for new carpet tiles, over and over again. 

DESSO EcoBase® is 100% recyclable and Cradle to Cradle Gold-certified. Made with 100% positively defined materials, EcoBase carpet tile backing has achieved Cradle to Cradle Platinum level for material health, helping to create healthier and flourishing workspaces. 

Our EcoBase backing collaborations include a decade-long partnership with the Dutch drinking water industry to upcycle calcium carbonate; our new affiliations transform pine rosin, a by-product of the Scandinavian paper industry, into a bio-based ingredient for our carpet tile backing. As a result, DESSO EcoBase® contains up to 91% recycled and bio-based content. Recycled content is externally verified by Lloyd’s Register.

Available for the entire carpet tile range1, every material used to make EcoBase can be safely recycled at our own recycling facility with no loss of quality. 

Choosing for the EcoBase backing enables Tarkett and our customers to 'close the loop' and record an impressively low circular carbon footprint – one we're continually working to shrink even further.

DESSO Carpet tiles - cloosing the loop

1 In July 2024, we have introduced the new bio-based ingredient across all our EcoBase collections, which will also be reflected in our product specifications.  EcoBase collections produced prior to the introduction of the bio-based ingredient will still be supplied whilst stock is available. 

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