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Designing Flexible Schools

Creating modern learning spaces

Multi-material offer

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To support development of new modular learning environments, Tarkett has developed a multi-material approach, offering a variety of floorings tailored to different purposes: high traffic, sound reduction, low maintenance, easy replacement, high resistance...

This offer extends across multiple material classes, from vinyl and linoleum to carpet, LVT and more. With a variety of easily combined colours and textures, our multi-material range helps create ergonomic, inclusive, and learning-friendly ambiances.

The role of colour in education

The coloured appearance of an environment is a stimulus, a message that carries meaning, arouses sensations and provokes emotions. Colour influences our behaviour and decisions.
In schools and universities, colour can play several roles beyond the purely decorative. It can act as a signpost, providing clear guidance to users as they move between different areas.
The colour schemes in educational environments can also boost the sense of well-being among pupils, students and teachers, whether they need peace and focus for learning or, by contrast, energy and enthusiasm for socialising or working collaboratively.
Depending on their shade and positioning, the colours on walls, woodwork, floor and furniture can enfold those using the space, directing their gaze or opening up the area and distracting their attention.

transition space, school, modern, mobility
transition space, school, restful, break

Education trends and references

Recommended floors for education buildings

Flexible and modular schools require solutions meeting the needs of the different specific spaces.
Tarkett has a wide range of walls and floorings that allow to find a solution for every space.
Amongst this wide offer, discover our recommended floorings to build schools designed for everyone’s well-being…. and to preserve the planet.
The bellow collections are part of our Circular Selection, which regroup our best in class products when it comes to sustainable criteria: good materials inside, Phthalate-free, optimal VOC level, AND RECYCLABLE POST-USE.

Tarkett Lino

Bio-based linoleum flooring - Cradle to Cradle certified ® Gold or Silver


Fine dust reducing carpet tiles - Awarded with GUI Gold Plus label

Excellence Genius

Loose lay heterogeneous vinyl - Installation with no glue

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