Star Academy Castle

Star Academy Castle

2023 | Paris, France

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Tarkett is proud to have contributed to the unique decoration of the Star Academy Castle, a well-known French musical reality television show, for its 11th season. Under the artistic direction of architect Josephine Gad, Tarkett products were selected at the Atelier Tarkett Paris, for the sleeping areas, bathrooms, singing room, boardroom and interview room.

The architect chose products that are a perfect mix of aesthetics, functionality and durability. Also Tarkett’s linoleum is biosourced and composed of 97% natural ingredients, as well as are recycled and phthalate-free.

Tarkett is committed to providing innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring solutions, contributing to the continued success of exceptional design projects like The Star Academy. Below, are the details of the installed floor coverings for the castle:

  1. Tx Habitat, RUSTIC OAK NATURAL colour: A resistant and acoustic floor covering, with a warm and rustic style, for a natural effect

  2. iQ Surface: A circular and versatile collection that combines aesthetics and performance, and is ideal for floors and walls.

  3. Linoleum Style Emme, colour TAN 719: A natural, biosourced product that is durable.

  4. Linoleum Originale Pearl colour 401: A biosourced floor covering that combines style and functionality, ideal for creating sophisticated atmospheres.

  5. Tapiflex Excellence, Concrete Chalk colour: In addition to its modern appearance, this floor coating is recyclable and phthalate-free, like all of our products. It improves acoustics and ensures a peaceful environment.

  6. DESSO Palatino carpet, colour A072 8512: These carpet tiles are a touch of luxury mixed with elegant patterns that create a refined atmosphere.

Photographer: Damien Rossier

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Discover the newly renovated Star Academy castle, covered in eight of Tarkett’s colourful, functional and durable floor coverings.

Designer/ Architect

Josephine GAD


Star Academy