Tingstads Showroom

Tingstads Showroom

2020 | Malmö, Sweden

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When Tingstad opened its doors in Malmö, it introduced a new and innovative store concept. Tarkett is proud to have provided them with its iQ Surface flooring, used to cover the floors and podiums of the store.

Tingstad provides products and supplies to various types of businesses, such as restaurants, shops, salons, offices and much more. Their merchandise ranges from cleaning and hygiene products to gifts, furnishings, tools and machines. The products can be bought at store locations via smart shopping screens and delivered a few days later.
This focus on sustainability is reflected in the material choice for the physical space, for example with the choice of iQ Surface, a material that today can be produced in a circular way.

“For four years, we have collaborated with Tingstad on the interior design of its offices and other spaces in the Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo and Malmö sites. This time, it was about turning the 496 square meters of the Malmö location into a showroom, an office and a shop. This meant that a digital dimension with smart e-tags and screens for a smooth shopping experience was necessary. This way, customers can order digitally in the store and have the goods delivered to their door, just a few days later.”

“We wanted to create a concept that felt new and fresh but at the same time long-lasting, even timeless. We used a colour palette of beige tones and pastels mixed with leather and wood materials. Energy, Transparency and Graphic were the key words used to create an interior with simple straight lines and details that catch the eye. An example of such a detail is the iQ Surface Tarkett flooring, which we used for both the floors and podiums. This created a uniform result that is clean and fresh, but above all, it creates an intriguing and lasting environment.”

Hanna Brotén Chocron, Interior Designer at Modesty Concept

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The iQ Surface Tarkett flooring, used for both the floors and podiums, created a uniform result that is clean and fresh within an intriguing and lasting environment.

Designer/ Architect

Modesty Concept