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Acczent Excellence

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A wealth of colour and tone inspired by nature and contemporary design combined with excellent resistance to indentation, abrasion and tearing.

  • Inspired by the latest design trends, the Excellence collection brings you the widest combination of over 117 colours and wood designs for endless creativity. It is the all-inclusive solution for the comfort and resistance of any heavy traffic areas in education, aged care and offices. Acczent Excellence 80: the compact version for increased resistance to indentation.

  • For renovation projects, especially in case of subfloor with moisture problems, the Acczent Unik loose-lay offers you a quick and easy solution to face constraints.

  • Tarkett introduces the perfect alternative when a budget solution is needed. Meteor 70 provides a 0,7mm wearlayer and a totally new design offer in order to answer to design and comfort needs in both residential and semi-commercial applications. Ideally suited to Housing and Aged Care environments thanks to its innovative new design offer, Meteor 70 offers a 26 colour range with an « at home...

  • Ideally suited for heavy traffic environments in Education, Hospital and Aged Care facilities, the Ruby range now includes compact and acoustic versions for design harmony with no compromise on technical performance. Thanks to softer embossing the Ruby 70 range is easier to maintain due to less dirt gathering in the embossing. The 36 colour range has a wide pallet of very colourful references...

  • 12 colour references, part of the 36 colour Ruby 70 collection, Ruby 70 Acoustic is ideally suited for heavy traffic environments in Education, Hospital and Aged Care facilities. The range’s 19dB acoustic absorption lend warmth and good underfoot comfort to these environments

  • Brings excellent resistance to indentation abrasion, scuffing, scratches and stains thanks to its 0.70mm pure PVC wear layer. Offers additional underfoot comfort with 10dB acoustic absorption. This collection is made of a serene selection of contemporary mineral designs with unique “silver” in-laid decors.

  • With a 0.7mm PVC wear layer, the Topaz wood and mineral range is a competitively priced compact heterogeneous vinyl floorings with good resistance to indentation and abrasion. A coordinated pallet of wood and mineral designs makes this a good choice for heavy traffic area such as Education Healthcare and Retail as well as Residential applications. The surface benefits from TOPCLEAN...