Gelateria Stefino

Gelateria Stefino

2021 | Bologna, Italy

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Stefino is the only certified organic ice cream parlor in Bologna, Italy. Their values ​​and choices are guided by their strong belief to respect and preserve the environment. They exclusively use organic raw materials, buy from small local producers and package their goods in fully compostable materials.

This is why they chose Tarkett’s Linoleum low environmental-impact flooring, composed of 94% natural ingredients, such as linseed oil, cork, wood flour and resin. In addition to its natural characteristics, Tarkett’s Linoleum is also a highly resistant and easy-to-clean surface with an excellent acoustic comfort. Lastly, it is certified Cradle to Cradle Silver and Allergy UK.

Green, the color chosen for the gelateria, was an obvious choice since it represents the eco-friendly production and consumption philosophy of Stefino. Ferro grey from the Style Elle collection, was chosen for the floor behind the counter. 


Making conscious choices. For people and planet.
Tarkett Human-Conscious DesignTM.


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Read more about the new organic and environmentally sustainable Stefino gelateria, designed with Tarkett’s Linoleum, thanks to its natural composition and highly resistant materials.

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