Karl-Wendel Grundschule

Karl-Wendel Grundschule

2023 | Lambsheim, Germany

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In a primary school classroom, where experience shows that children not only learn but also play and run around, the demands on the floor are naturally high. ‘Ideally, the new flooring will be with us for the next 32 years without suffering any damage. That's why it must first and foremost be durable and hard-wearing,’ says principal Peter Bisson, summarizing his expectations. ‘In addition, the flooring should also be visually appealing to the teachers and children, because lessons are more fun when everyone feels comfortable.’ The linoleum from Tarkett fulfils these requirements with ease. Equipped with the best-in-class xf² surface, the floor is very hard-wearing and resistant to abrasion and scratches, which is also proven, for example, by the standardized chair castor test.

In addition, Lino Loose-Lay xf² is easy to clean and guarantees a pleasant feeling when walking on it as well as a high level of acoustic comfort with up to 14 decibels of impact sound improvement. Anyone who works in a primary school will particularly appreciate this advantage. However, highly durable floors that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly to clean and have a positive effect on room acoustics are not only required in the education sector. The versatile Lino Loose-Lay xf2 flooring is also suitable for retirement homes, hospitals, busy open-plan offices and high-traffic shops.

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