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Supporting the Healthcare Community

Human-Conscious Design

Hospital engineers and facility managers, directors and architects, you are at the heart of it all. 

Whether building, improving or renovating, you are also listening, reconciling, and convincing. A never-ending struggle: meet standards, and deadlines, satisfy regulations and stakeholders. Respect the budget, and the planet. Make it beautiful, and easy to maintain… But most of all, answer human needs and requirements.

You seek concrete, innovative solutions.

We provide tools and services that help you move forward quickly and with confidence, and focus the energy of those around you.

This year more than ever, Tarkett is on your side.


Tarkett supporting the healtchare community

Healthcare Insights

"Hospital Engineer? No, I’m really a diplomat.”  

Paolo, Hospital Engineer

Visualise to Reach Consensus

Reconciling pleasing, human design with the multitude of conflicting priorities and requirements is a delicate balancing act. “The best, most durable, easy-to-clean flooring that fits in the budget and meets hospital flooring standardsBut it has got to look good too!” 

Make it a little easier to get everyone on the same page by previewing your spaces with the right products.

"My Job? Long-term solutions on tight deadlines."

 Adele, Healthcare Architect

Collaboration and expertise to overcome challenges

For the Children's Hospital in Helsinki, creating a welcoming, healing environment meant finding creative ways to answer practical and human challenges. Working with an expert partner from the start opens up a world of possibilities and helps you meet your deadlines faster.

"I'm a hospital cleaner, and a COVID fighter."

 Henry, Hospital Cleaner

Infection Control and Flooring Choices

Sanitising hospital floors and surfaces isn’t only about disinfection. In the long run, the overuse of disinfectants, biocides, antibacterial vinyl, etc… may contribute to the development of superbugs without significantly improving hygiene. Instead, the focus should be on using the right cleaning protocols and products, choosing the right techniques at the right frequency.

My mission? To save time for those who can’t spare it.” 

Youssef, Facility Manager

Excellence Genius Loose-lay Flooring: Time Saved

Renovations and repairs shut down an area for the duration. In a healthcare or hospital setting, this can mean less beds on a ward or no access to a critical medical facility, which may not be possible. So never underestimate the importance of swift, reliable installation when choosing vinyl flooring for your hospital or medical clinic.

Create Healing Environments

Enhancing the Patient & Staff Experience

A soothing, restful environment is essential to healing. The importance of physical comfort and quiet are well known, but what about the less well-known psychological factors that are often greatly influenced by design.

Medical and hospital staff quality of life at work can also greatly be influenced. Reducing the feeling of “institutionality”, improving orientation and spatial awareness, and visual comfort are just a few of the ways good design can transform the healthcare environment.

Designing Efficient and Cost-Effective Buildings

An efficient and cost-effective building must first of all be fit for purpose. For hospital or clinic floors, this means smooth and easy to clean floors, of course, but also low-slip and easy to move rolling loads over. Durability, cleanability and maintnance is another winning combination. The truth is, acquisition and installation typically represent only 10% of a floor’s lifetime cost. The other 90% are down to maintenance. So long-lasting, low-maintenance floors can really affect the bottom line.

Promoting Health and Sustainability

If you want to build to last, think long-term.” There’s no way around it. A medical or care facility is going to impact people’s lives and environment for decades, which is why it is so important to promote the health not just of patients, but of carers and staff too, by ensuring better air quality, for example. Contributing to sustainability comes in many forms too, including an overall reduction of hospital carbon footprint, durability and material efficiency as well as recyclability and reusability.

Hospital Flooring Solutions

A solution for Every Space

In a healthcare environment, different areas and facilities have sometimes very different requirements. There are many factors to consider, safety and infection control to maintenance and traffic volume. We have taken some of the complexity out of the process by creating pre-selections from our ranges based on the requirements of each area.

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