Tarkett Circular Selection inspired artist Gustav Winsth to create Cross Section

Tarkett Circular Selection inspired artist Gustav Winsth to create Cross Section

18th May 2022

"Ung Svensk Form” Winner* Gustav Winsth has created Cross Section, a series of objects made of products from the Tarkett Circular Selection exhibited during Stockholm Creative Edition. The materials have been mounted layer by layer and are shown as cross sections, which inspired the exhibition name. The exhibition consists of a shelf, bench, room divider and bowl made from the recyclable vinyl materials from the iQ Granit and iQ Eminent ranges. The pieces have been created with 3D software and produced by Tarkett's technical team in Ronneby.

When creating Cross Section, Gustav wanted to create three dimensional objects that capture organic forms, through the use of two-dimensional materials. Different assembly techniques were used to make each product, but the common denominator was that each material was mounted layer by layer in cross sections. 

Nothing lies flat. The products take up space. I want the visitors to discover new sides of the materials, see how they’re put together and hopefully be inspired to use them in new ways” says Gustav Winsth.

Maximalist design and sustainable materials

Cross Section is a display of maximalist design, as a reaction to Scandinavian minimalism. The recyclable materials inspired Gustav to maximize volume, technique and colour, which stays true to his style. The products can be taken apart and all components then recycled, something that Gustav wanted to show in the design. The shelf consists of 100 layers of iQ Eminent cut to different sizes and mounted as a topography. The bowl, which is filled with recycled granules, is made of multiple layers of iQ Granit in 12 different shades.

The exhibition is showcased at Tarkett Ateljé, Rosenlundsgatan 40, Stockholm, starting during Stockholm Creative Edition, May 18-21.

* Ung Svensk Form is a yearly award and an exhibition for young Swedish designers initiated by Svensk Form. The project was created with the aim of increasing the knowledge and widening the scope of new, innovative Swedish design.