Tarkett’s new Lino collection ignites inspiration with design studio En Bande Organisée

Tarkett’s new Lino collection ignites inspiration with design studio En Bande Organisée

15th March 2022

Combining heritage, aesthetics and sustainability, the new Tarkett Lino offers a modern approach to the flooring needs of today and the lifestyles of tomorrow. Tarkett invited the renowned French design studio, En Bande Organisée, to immerse itself in its new collection and explore its endless creative possibilities through two projects: the creation of visuals to illustrate the collection and a creative installation in Tarkett’s Parisian showroom.

For the creation of visuals featuring the new collection, En Bande Organisée chose the setting of Tarkett’s linoleum factory in Narni, which produces this Cradle to Cradle certified® flooring material made from natural ingredients, which is then fully recyclable post-use – an industry first.

"The factory in Narni is incredible; it truly helps you to understand what linoleum is about: the nobility of this material, the traditional craftsmanship that brings it to life… when you cut through it you see that it is the same material, the same colour, all the way through. That’s why in our set pieces we wanted to show it in combination with stone and brick and alongside objects cast in iron, in ceramic, in wood - materials with the same spirit of authenticity and craft," says Gwenaëlle Girard, designer and co-founder of En Bande Organisée. 

Building on this first project, En Bande Organisée was invited to create an installation showcasing Tarkett Lino in the company's showroom, based in Le Marais area in Paris, with the intent of taking the material back to its roots to inspire visitors through its story, versatility and use of colour.

En Bande Organisée reveals the richness of Tarkett Lino that dresses the space and the furniture. In the exhibition, linoleum creates a dialogue with wood, stone and ceramic, highlighting the beauty of noble, raw and refined materials. Incorporating Tarkett Lino’s palette of subtle, timeless colours with natural harmonies, the creative installation invites visitors to Tarkett’s showroom to discover and admire its products in a unique way.

Founded in 2011 by designers Pauline Deltour and Gwenaëlle Girard, En Bande Organisée is a studio specialising in interior design, furniture and art direction. Their passion for colour, attention to detail and materials is at the heart of all of their projects. 

The installation will be showcased from March 8th to July 29th 2022 at the Tarkett Atelier, 43 rue de Saintonge, Paris 3rd. Contact Atelier.Paris@tarkett.com to plan a visit.

Credits: Design set: @enbandeorganise - Photos: Mario Simon Lafleur.